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Creating Your Virtual Office we intended to provide our clients with complex services in one place, at our office and guarantee various extra services and professional assistance to business activity and creation of corporate image. Benefiting from our experience and competence of credible partners we lend a helping hand to create websites, promotional materials and provide legal and accounting assistance.

Our prices are affordable and of good quality.


We offer the registration address for company’s headquarters in Warsaw.

The entrepreneur can register a company under the virtual, rented address and place it on their rubber stamps, company printings, business cards, promotional materials and other documents.

The address can be appointed for correspondence.


One of the basic tasks of Your Virtual Office is collection of our clients’ post and notification about the above mentioned via email, or text message on demand.

We collect standard and registered post.

The notification of collection is sent immediately, right after the collection has taken place so that the client can pick up the post the very same day within Your Virtual Office working hours.

It’s also possible to have the post forwarded via post or messenger services directly to the client.


On client’s demand, expressed via email or text message, we can open the post, scan selected pages and attach to email appointed in the agreement.

We guarantee full discretion.


ROOM/OFFICE FOR HOURS We offer room rent for 4 people. Thanks to convenient location in space it’s a perfect place for business meetings, negotiations, interviews as well as individual work and work meetings with employees.

Coffee, tea included in rent price :)


Room equipment:

  • a table and 4 chairs
  • a whiteboard to write on
  • a flipchart
  • access to fast wireless broadband
  • access to office equipment (scanner, fax, printer, photocopier)
The room is available within Your Virtual Office working hours: Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Thursday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.



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We do our best to enable our clients to benefit from full variety of services necessary to business activity in one place. Thanks to the co-operation with a renowned Law Firm we guarantee high standards of legal advice. We offer legal help, among others, within the area of tax law, commercial law, corporate law and labor law.


Accounting and bookkeeping.

Benefits from use of virtual office services

Your Virtual Office

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