Rezerwacja salki


Location of the office in the very centre of Warsaw at 9/2 Tytusa Chałubińskiego Street – close to the Central Railway Station and the Marriott Hotel.


vicinity of a transport hub (trams, buses, metro)


legal services, accounting services, certified translators


table for 4 people, whiteboard, photocopier, scanner, printer

Free WiFi

high-speed 5G internet

Hot drinks

delicious coffee from the espresso machine, many types of tea, water

Ideal place for:

workshops, business meetings, job interviews, classes

Professional service

commitment, discretion and loyalty are our assets

Office working hours

Monday - Thursday 9 - 17 Friday 9 - 16

Office (per hour) for clients

What is the best place for a meeting? One that everyone can easily get to. Our office is located in the centre of Warsaw, which is easily accessible by bus or tram, and there is an easy route to the metro station, which is not affected by any traffic jams. Our location near the Central Station and one of the best hotels in Warsaw also allows us to meet people from other cities, who might not have much time to spare. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, parks, shops and museums around.

On-site services

Together with our partners, we provide accounting servicesin attractive price packages and legal services. We advise you on how to complete a range of formalities that can be overlooked by the budding business owner. Above all, however, we offer comprehensive assistance during the entire process of setting up a commercial company.

What can you expect in our office??

We have a modest but modern, fully equipped office: a table for four people and an option to print, scan or copy documents by our staff. We also offer fast and, most importantly, reliable 5G internet. Within the office our staff can also serve coffee from an espresso machine, tea or water. Holding a successful, stress-free meeting will be ensured by our professional staff, who will assist you in any situation in a discreet manner.

Office rental operating hours

The office can be rented from Monday to Thursday 9:00-17:00, as well as on Fridays 9:00-16:00. We are available during standard office hours, as this is when business meetings and classes usually take place. Feel free to get in touch with us, find out more, or ask any questions. We are confident that you know what to do and that your business idea has the potential to succeed. Nevertheless, it is always good to have the support of a professional, experienced team when it comes to organisational matters or accounting and legal services. Contact us to discuss the conditions of our future cooperation. Get in touch with us!