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Starting your own company involves completing a number of formalities that not every future entrepreneur is aware of. 

Our team of lawyers will provide comprehensive advice on what type of company to choose, help with the creation of a business entity and with organizational changes in existing entities.

Company registration

We invite you to use our company registration service in our office.  After signing a virtual office contract, we will register your company in the S24 system on the very same day.
The cost of registering a company in the National Court Register: starting at 1100 PLN net.

Additional costs: court fees 250 - 500 PLN.

Legal advice

Benefit from the advice of our lawyers before you set up your company. Whether it will be a company or a sole proprietorship, it is worth considering what you will gain and what you will lose by choosing a particular type of business.

Unsure whether to register a company online in the S24 system or use a public notary? Ask our lawyers!

You have questions about the memorandum of association, uncertain whether to establish a company with a partner or on your own - schedule a legal consultation.

Cost of legal advice: 300 PLN/1h net.

Setting up a business nowadays is much easier than it used to be, but it still requires diligent preparations - completing a number of formalities, in which it is easy to overlook something when you are not dealing with them on a daily basis. The best solution is to use the services of experienced lawyers to help you register your company or change the legal form of your business. Legal services are also essential in the later stages of running a business.

Legal services Virtual Office Warsaw

At the top of the list of concerns for the future business owner is the legal form of the business. Our team of lawyers will provide comprehensive advice on the best type of company to choose. Of course, you do not need to know the nuances behind the advantages of one legal form over another. Our lawyers will analyse and discuss all available solutions and, in the end, propose one that is best for you. In addition, legal services include changing the form of an already existing company. Another aspect is assistance with the creation of a business entity, through which you will also be guided by a team of experienced lawyers. Such support mainly includes: preparation and submission of registration applications (and other required documents) to the relevant authorities. Your company will be registered in the S24 system as soon as the contract is signed. The costs associated with company registration are: Company registration in the National Court Register: from 1,100 PLN net Court fees 250-600 PLN

Legal services for companies - support at every stage of business operations

As mentioned - before the formal registration of an entity, all possibilities should be considered. It is required by each form of activity - both a sole proprietorship and a company. Legal services for companies mean comprehensive assistance at every stage, starting with the choice of legal form. Our lawyers will explain the entire process of establishing a company. They will advise you on the optimal way to register - online registration in the S24 system or notary services. Occasionally, it is necessary to consider whether to set up a company with a partner or on your own. Reliable legal advice, based on the experience of lawyers and taking into account your needs, is also provided on this issue. Running a business often poses various legal questions. Among other factors, you need to be careful when entering into contracts with business partners. Suitably qualified persons will help you to secure your company's interests well and to draw up agreements and contracts. You can reach out to us for legal support in any matter. The cost of consultation (1 hour) is 300 PLN net. Check our price list!!