Rezerwacja salki


Providing companies with an address at which they can register their business activity is the primary activity of your Virtual Office.

We offer an attractive address in the centre of Warsaw ( on the border of the districts of Śródmieście and Ochota) at a favourable price.

Why use our services?

By registering your company at our address, you are guaranteed a prestigious location of your company, access to the secretariat handling correspondence and telephone. With this solution, you can significantly reduce the costs associated with maintaining your own premises.

In addition, by using our services, the company exists in an area where a lot of other companies are registered, which minimises the risk of random inspections carried out by, for example, the Tax Office.

Additional benefits

By choosing the "Prestige Package", we also guarantee access (3 hours/month) to a fully equipped meeting room (photocopier, scanner, printer, fast wi-fi, whiteboard), perfect for business meetings or workshops for 4 people.

By choosing to work with your Virtual Office, you also get access to additional professional legal and accounting services at affordable prices.

Business success depends on many factors. Did you know that one of them is .... your company headquarters' address? A prestigious location has a significant impact on building a positive image. We realise how important it is, which is why we are offering you the opportunity to register your company in the best possible location - in the very heart of Warsaw (bordering Śródmieście and Ochota districts). Learn about its advantages.

The best address for registering your company will help you spread your wings

Every business - whether a sole proprietorship or a company - needs its own address. However, having a registered address does not mean you have to manage physical buildings. You can register your company at a reputable location and continue to run it just as before. As part of the service, though, you can make use of a fully-equipped room - which includes a photocopier, scanner, printer, high-speed wi-fi and whiteboard - for up to ex. 3 hours a month (in the Prestiż package).

Address for company registration in Warsaw

Today's companies are innovative businesses that operate flexibly in the market. Adapting to changing trends and following customer demands does not go hand in hand with settling in one place. A business registration address is an important factor in helping you spread your business wings and operate on your own terms. For these reasons, we have prepared a number of attractive offers. You can register both a sole proprietorship and a company in Warsaw. The capital is the business centre of the country, which will raise the prestige of your company. This will make it easier for you to establish relationships with important partners on the market and gain the trust of your customers. What will you gain by registering your address in Warsaw? In summary, what are the advantages of registering your company in Warsaw? First and foremost, you will grow your business more efficiently, build stronger business relationships and increase your chances of gaining new customers. It is in Warsaw where all your business ventures start. Choosing Warsaw also means cost optimisation. A virtual office is definitely a more economical option than renting a property in the centre of the capital. Together with the address, you gain access to a secretariat handling your correspondence. The availability of legal and accounting services is a great asset. . Keep in mind that locating your company in a place where many other businesses operate minimises the risk of inspections by tax authorities (such as the Tax Office). You will avoid stress and focus solely on your business goals.