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If you cannot or do not want to register a company at your place of residence, use the services of a virtual office.

In order to set up a company, you must have an address where you can register your business. Many people use their home address for this purpose (often even being unaware of the drawbacks of this solution), but this is not for everyone and is not always the optimal solution.

When NOT to register a business at home.

Before deciding to register your business at the address where you live, it is worth considering the following cases:

– Your current residential address is not suitable because you are renting a flat and do not have permission from your landlord.

– You want to run your business in a different city from where you live, but you do not want to incur significant costs for renting and maintaining an office at the start.

– You are a freelancer, work from home and do not want to disclose your private details and your family’s home address. – You register your business in the form of a company (e.g. a limited liability company). In this case, the Tax Office may conclude that the company, through the free premises, has generated income on which it should pay (also outstanding) tax.

– It is also not worth registering a company at home when you want to have a good image and count on personal contact with clients. A private flat may be pleasant and comfortable, but holding business meetings there may cause confusion among the company’s clients. Incidentally, virtual offices provide their clients with special rooms for business meetings.

Take advantage of our virtual office offer

The monthly cost of such a service can already amount to as little as several dozen PLN (see the price list of your Virtual Office for details), and you will gain more than just an address for registering your business and receiving correspondence. By choosing the right package, you can count on a range of additional services: secretarial services, company mail management, phone customer service and the use of meeting rooms and office equipment.

In addition, our virtual office offers its clients professional advice on legal services, access to accounting services (including full bookkeeping) and even consulting services to help you create a company image and improve your company’s sales performance.

Virtual offices are constantly adapting their offer to the individual needs of their clients, expanding their range of services. Therefore, keep in mind the benefits of working with an e-office before you decide to register your company at home.

Special start-up bonuses for companies

The idea that drives Your Virtual Office / Twoje Wirtualne Biuro is to create the best possible conditions for entrepreneurs to grow. This is extremely important for new companies that need to establish their position in the market in their first months of operation, and certainly any assistance will come in handy. That is why Your Virtual Office / Twoje Wirtualne Biuro offers 2 months free of charge for the use of a registration address, and you can also count on free company registration if you order bookkeeping and the creation of a website, which (like bookkeeping) is essential for every company.